Stage Your Home With Neutral Colors

neutral colors home staging

Homeowners have their own personal take on color.  Some people may think a fiery red dining room is fabulous or a bright orange kitchen is brilliant but when it comes to selling a home, neutral colors are important.

The colors potential buyers see when viewing a home online and when they enter your home should be subtle and neutral.  A Buyer should never be so distracted by the colors that they cannot see the actual house.  The walls of a home should look like a blank canvas so they can visualize their own preferences and style in the space.

Keep in mind that “neutral” doesn’t necessarily mean white. Using subtle color can actually enhance the buyer’s experience.  For walls that have strong, vibrant colors, a suggestion would be to repaint with rich neutral hues.  Colors should feel inviting. If your wallpaper has a distracting design or is outdated, remove it and add a fresh coat of paint for a more current, updated look.    A fresh coat of neutral paint, can bring your walls to life and make rooms feel larger.

Sellers should not assume that a Buyer can easily repaint the walls to their liking.  Some Buyers will walk away and simply look elsewhere for a home that needs less work and updating.

Please let me know when you are ready to sell and I can help you prepare your home for today’s market.

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