Home Staging Tips

home staging tips

Home staging is very important to the sale of a house.

It’s beyond cleaning and decorating. It’s about creating a mood and a feeling. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it.

Here are 7 simple yet effective tips for staging:

  1. Clean and get rid of clutter…in every room!
  2. Make sure the furniture fits the room and is not oversized
  3. Clean the carpeting.  Buyers do not want to see large stains on the carpeting.
  4. Scent appeal is important so make sure the house smells nice. Put scented candles or some air fresheners around the house.  Make sure they are not overpowering. Some scents that can help to sell a home are cinnamon, citrus, hint of mint, baked goods, or vanilla.
  5. Do not decorate with personal items. Remove any personal photos or religious or political items that the buyer would not be able to identify with or may offend the buyer
  6. Keep the colors neutral yet repaint carefully.   You may want to spend $25 for a gallon of neutral-color paint to make a room more appealing. But remember to do a good job repainting.  Buyers will notice a sloppy paint job.  A fresh coat of paint is a powerful and affordable enhancement to any room.
  7. Dust and clean the baseboard moldings and walls.  If you do not want to repaint, atleast take the time to clean the moldings and walls.  this does enhance the appeal of a house as it shows that the house is maintained well.

A house should be staged to get a quicker sale for top dollar.  So if you are hiring a staging company, check their credentials and ask to see a portfolio of their work.   Take the time to go to the house after it has been staged to see if they have done a good job

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