Follow These Steps to Purchase Property Like a Pro!

Purchase Property Like a Pro!

Follow these simple, 7 steps:

1. Know your real price range.   If you are making a cash purchase, make sure to have proof of funds (bank statement) ready. If you need to obtain a mortgage loan, have a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender.

2. Choose specific criteria for your property search.  Example: style, location, price range, min bedrooms and baths, min living sq ft,…etc.  Will you live in the home or will this be an investment property?  If for an investment, are you planning to flip the property or use as a rental?

3. Decide if you are buying a “good deal” or a property?  An unsuccessful Buyer will often say “I want a good deal.”  or “Just find me a good deal”.  What is a good deal to one person might not be a good deal to another.  A good deal to one investor might be a nightmare to another!   You need to decide what a good property is for you!

4. Identify your time frame.  When do you want to buy a property?  Do you need to move on a certain date? That will determine which type of property (short sale, bank owned, or regular sale) will be best for you.

5. Work exclusively with Diana Lisinski, Realtor® and utilize her knowledge and expertise.  When you are an exclusive Buyer, you will be the first to know about the hot properties. It is all about the timing and market knowledge.  Diana obtains great deals for her exclusive Buyers.

6. Be ready to buy! The great deal that is on the market today is gone tomorrow!  A smart Buyer will learn about the market from the properties that are sent to them via email.  When they are ready to buy, they will then go to visit properties and find the best home to place an offer.  They understand they may have to react quickly.

7. Make a smart offer.  Don’t waste an opportunity by putting in a lowball offer.  Diana understands the market, will pull comparable sales and will help you make an educated decision about what is a good offer price.  Keep in mind that a Seller will only consider an offer that makes sense.

 (If you are still working on Step #1, that great deal is gone!)

Get started today!  Call Diana- 727-507-1800


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