Best Kept Secret of Clearwater Beach!

Shell trees

Living in Clearwater, we know that during Spring Break the beach gets jammed pack.    I love to leisurely stroll the beach when it’s quiet without the crowds.  So on the weekend, in the morning time, I head out to Clearwater Beach and drive North down Mandalay Avenue.   There is a roundabout with a sign for North Beach.   I continue North down Mandalay Avenue heading into the neighborhood. There will be several streets where the parking is free and beach access is nearby.   (The free parking is not always available)   Once out on the beach, North Clearwater BeachI walk North and pass the Regatta Beach Club condominium complex. Continue walking for a mile or so to Caladesi State Park.  Although Caladesi is still considered an Island, in 1985 the force of hurricane Elena filled in Dunedin Pass making Caladesi “Island” accessible by walking northward from North Clearwater Beach.


The Secret Shell Trees!

Once you get close to Caladesi, you will see several ‘shell trees’.   Over the years, people strolling toward Caladesi, have stopped to hang shells and various other objects onto the trees.   The trees are usually not visible until you get very close to them.   There are shells of all shapes and sizes and many with written messages.    If you are up for an adventure, take the walk toward Caladesi and see this fun and interesting attraction.


Can You Add to the Shell Trees?

So far, the park system has ignored the trees and allowed visitors to continue to hang their shells and natural objects.  The ‘shell trees’ are a unique piece of community art.


North Clearwater Beach to Caladesi State Park- shell trees North Clearwater Beach to Caladesi Shell trees



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