Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home Versus a Resale Home

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There are many advantages of buying a new home versus a resale home.



The most obvious reason is that everything in your home is brand new and comes with  builder warranties that cover everything for the first year  (including appliances, air conditioning and heating systems), and structural items for up to 10 years.  Resale, older homes typically do not come with a warranty.    If they do, it may be a  limited warranty for a year or two and only be for specific items in the house.   Big ticket items such as a roof, air conditioning or foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Typically with brand new homes, a Buyer can choose exterior color, floor coverings, paint color and cabinetry.   With a custom built, brand new home you have many more options to choose the layout, rooms, pool, spa….etc.   Buyers like the fact that their home fits their style and reflects their tastes and lifestyle.

Energy Savings:

The materials used in today’s homes are typically far more effective at reducing energy costs than those found in resale homes.   Items such as energy efficient HVAC systems, energy-star appliances, heat barriers, hybrid water heaters, and programmable thermostats are now being used in many of today’s brand new homes.   These items use less energy and save on utility bills.


With a resale home, a Buyer may have to upgrade an electrical panel or retrofit the house for today’s technology.  A brand new home builder takes into consideration today’s technological advances and includes wiring for surround-sound speakers, additional cable jacks, additional electrical outlets and ports for electronic equipment.   A new home may also come with some features such as computerized temperature, lighting, and security controls.


A brand new home is subject to the current building codes and requires more stringent safety requirements.  A resale, older home may have asbestos, lead-based paint or have old wiring and plumbing that may not meet today’s codes.

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