A Picture-Perfect Sale

A Picture-Perfect Sale

We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In real estate this couldn’t be more true.   Professional photos are a crucial marketing tool for a home sale.   According to research, 98% of home buyers who searched for a home, online, said photos were among the most useful features of real estate websites.  Data shows that listings with nicer photos get more attention.

Today, buyers can virtually tour your entire home from their computer, tablet, or smart phone. The best chance to attract prospective buyers to your home is to get them hooked from the get-go.  High quality photos help to achieve the best possible online presentation.   Photos are their first impression and can generate interest and excitement.

Diana always hires a photographer for every listing. A professional photographer has the equipment and expertise to capture a room at its best.

Professional photography is just one of the many items included in Diana’s marketing package for new listings. Contact her today to learn about her marketing strategy to sell your home for the most amount of money and in the shortest period of time.


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